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Kings College Hospital - Critical Care Building

King’s College Hospital in south London is in the process of building a state-of-the-art 60-bed Critical Care Centre which, when added to the existing Critical Care wards at the Trust, will be the largest and most progressive of its kind in the UK.

The new £100m unit will open in two stages: the first in summer 2018 and the second in early 2020, and will bring the total number of critical care beds at the Trust to over 120.

The innovative design will comprise the latest technology over two floors but will also focus on space and light. The building will have floor to ceiling windows overlooking Ruskin Park and patients will have control of their environment, allowing them to move the position of their bed to face the window or turn inwards to be with family and friends.

Each bed space will be separated by glass partitions with internal blinds for privacy, while computer screens and monitoring equipment will be suspended from the ceiling and mobile, reducing clutter and helping visitors to get closer to patients. Powerful computers will have a vital clinical role will improve our patients environment with their music, pictures and films. They will also enable patients to see family and friends and interact with them even if their loved ones are unable to visit in person.

Cliftons Projects have been involved in the construction monitoring of the new build working closely with the Trust, the design team and the contractor.